Move Past Shame, Guilt & Anger and Live with More Courage & Beyond

May 21, 2021 Donna Burgher & Lisa Meisels Season 1 Episode 21
Move Past Shame, Guilt & Anger and Live with More Courage & Beyond
Show Notes

Have you ever been in a situation or relationship where you felt like you just lost yourself? You wake up one day and wonder who you are and how you got so far away from living the life you imagined. You spiral into all the heavy emotions and wonder how you’re going to move forward? Well today, our guest talks about moving past shame, guilt and anger... and living with more courage and beyond.

Shira Raymond – Women’s Empowerment Coach is a graduate of the Southwest Institute of Healing Art in Mind, Body Transformational Psychology and holds certifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Life coaching, NLP, Timeline Therapy®, Instant Miracle Technique and The Peace Process. 

Through her own life struggles and recent divorce, Shira Raymond became obsessed with Self-Help and Personal Development in her mid-twenties. She realized after raising her kids and ending her marriage of 24 years that she could embrace the next chapter of her life with strength and dignity to create the type of life she always dreamed about. Often the ending of a marriage blind sides you and there are a lot of negative emotions that we hang on to. As a woman, she understood that it is her duty to help women create a positive loving relationship with themselves, G-d or Source Energy, and others. Her coaching encompasses all three aspects of self to empower women to master their mindset and emotions so that they can profoundly change every aspect of their lives with no regrets.

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